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Adventures In Space!

Wizards of the Coast blasts the world’s most popular role-playing game into the stratosphere.
Tired of having your bard seduce dragons and barmaids? Now there is a whole universe of new spacefaring creatures for them to seduce while the rest of the party can still go “how could you!”

Don’t fear noble intergalactic knights there is a whole brood of evil space critters you can slice and dice for the betterment of the universe [and experience].

While space-wizards have a range of new spells to throw indiscreetly at unsuspecting spaceships that are certain to cause them to catch fire.

And the pedantic space adventurer can finally prepare to go boldly where no Canadian Ham has gone before.
But seriously this is a chance to role play in a space setting that hasn’t been defined for you by popular movies or streaming services. Let your imagination fill the space while using a system that you are totally familiar with..

As ever by being an official Wizards of the Coast store we will have the strikingly beautiful alternative cover and slipcase version exclusively available for pre-order.

The slipcase version includes adventure book, setting book, book of monsters, poster map, and DM screen Light of Xaryxis—a 64-page hardcover adventure set in the Astral Plane for characters of levels 5–8

The Astral Adventurer’s Guide—64-page hardcover book presenting the Astral Plane as a campaign setting, including space- based character options, spells, magic items, spacefaring rules, ships, and more.

Boo’s Astral Menagerie—a 64-page hardcover book with game statistics and descriptions for over 60 creatures found in Wildspace and the Astral Sea
Double-sided poster map of the Rock of Bral—an asteroid-city that can serve as both an adventure location and a campaign hub DM Screen—four-paneled Dungeon Master’s screen designed for rollicking space adventures.

Due for release August 2022, pre-orders open now.  Ph 0435 242 433

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